Secure Data Destruction

Confidentiality guaranteed

ERS takes data, product prototypes and product recalls very seriously. We ensure all electronics are processed in a secure and confidential manner. From our proprietary drive lockbox system to our secure shredding process, your intellectual property will be protected. You can even watch from the comfort of your desk as your items are destroyed with our online digital video verification system. Electronics Recycling Services understands corporate requirements relating to data confidentiality and privacy.

Certified Data Erasure with our on-site HDD & Tape Degausser

The HD-1 Professional Degausser is designed to erase low to high coercivity tapes and limited erasure on today’s hard drives tape formats include: LTO 1 and 2, plus DLT III and IV tape and Super DLT I and II.

An operator places the hard drive in the carrier and spins the carrier, ensuring complete erasure every time. The carrier reduces the risk of operator error. As the drive heats up from degaussing, it reduces inconvenience to the operator. Additionally, it reduces noise caused by the vibrating drive.